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We are producing the best to help you give your product with confidence to your customers.
To meet the different needs of the packaging industry we produce various products that have different features.  DurPack branded non-cross linked polyethylene foam products are solution to your needs by producing the size, color and specifications you want. Cross-linked products that require high standards are at your service at DurProx and  DurSolex for your needs.


  • The products have a closed pore structure.
  • It provides heat, sound, humidity, dust insulation and shock protection.
  • It is resistant to abrasion that will be formed in time.
  • It recovers form after impact, does not cave in, does not collect dust in time.
  • Thanks to its high elasticity and weight, it is applied to easy and fast.
  • It can be shaped by heat
  • It is not affected by chemicals and greasers
  • It can operate in wide heat range, without the size changing
  • It is environmentally-friendly, HCFC-free.
  • It can be produced with flame-proof feature.