Heat, Sound and Moisture insulation under concrete with FLOORMAX

While Floormax makes your residence more comfortable, it also contributes to substantially reducing your heating and air conditioning expenses. Thanks to its closed cell and cross-linked structure, Floormax helps prevent the transfer of sound and heat that is transmitted by concrete and other construction elements and offers great comfort and economy with very cost-effective solutions. Floormax can easily be applied under the concrete and the neighboring walls in buildings, and it provides insulation for sound, heat, and moisture.


Once all electrical and water installment operations are finished in floor applications, Floormax is laid before concrete is applied on the floor. Floormax rolls are attached to each other with Floormax adhesive tapes. To avoid sound bridges, a part of Floormax is folded up to the baseboard and set to side wall. Floormax can be applied many ways to the neighboring walls between the floors. Floormax is used between plasterboards or brick layers that are fitfully laid. It also does not pollinate, collect dust in time and does not lose its shape, need repair or require maintenance.