In every field demanding sound, heat, humidity and shock protection, we provide our customers flexible, reliable and advanced technology products.

Having one of the most modern Polyethylene (PE) foam production facility of Turkey and Europe Durfoam, creates "insulation" solutions for the industries ranging from automotive to construction industry, packaging to home appliances industry. With Electron Beam method that requires an advanced technology and expertise Durfoam, is one of the rare producers that can produce not only Physically but also Chemically Cross-Linked PE foam at the same facility. In the DNA of DurFoam, there is the trustworthiness of Durmazlar Holding which exists over a half century as a strong world brand, having high responsibility awareness towards its customers and the society.

Our products are in everything where insulation is needed...

The high performance and quality products that are developed by DurFoam, are used as "raw material of the solution" for the products that provide sound, heat, humidity insulation and shock absorption in every sector.


DurProxDurSolex ve DurPack branded products, are used in automotiveconstructionhome appliances and electronicspackagingpolyethylene foam based adhesive tapesshoes and bagssports and entertainmentmedical and health care industries and are delivered to the end users in converted forms by our customers in a wide sectorial range.

FloorlayerFloormaxRooflayer and Termawrap branded products are directly delivered to the end users by us and our business partners.