Termawrap Insulation Pipe

Termawrap insulation pipe

Cross-linked polyethylene foam-based Termawrap insulation pipe has high resistance to harsh outdoor conditions with its pyramid pattern and UV resistant film-coated outer structure. It is produced in the requested diameter, wall thickness, length and single-double configuration. Termawrap, which can be produced according to different color options and customer special requests, is distinguished from its competitors thanks to its dimensional and physical properties.

Termawrap advantages

  • It is very long-lasting thanks to its cross-linked structure.
  • Thanks to its closed cell structure, it has excellent water vapor permeability value.
  • Provides precise condensation control
  • Not affected by chemical fluids
  • It insulates the sound caused by the vibration that may occur in the installations.
  • Flexible, easy to cut and install

Usage areas

  • Air conditioning systems in the insulation of gas-liquid lines
  • Solar heating systems in the insulation of liquid lines
  • In the insulation of central heating pipelines
  • Heat-sound and condensation moisture insulation of all pipes such as copper, iron, plastic, etc.