Artilayer is a controlled permeable shock absorbent pad which is used in sport fields, play grounds and recreation areas demanding excellent performance. Artilayer eliminates maintenance costs and is made of 100% recycled material. Artilayer in Sports Fields Eliminates inconsistent and excess pressure on the player muscles and joints with its ideal shock absorbing and distributing properties. Water drainage properties can be designed and manufactured upon the application requirements. Can b... devamı
Heat, Sound and Moisture insulation under concrete with FLOORMAX While Floormax makes your residence more comfortable, it also contributes to substantially reducing your heating and air conditioning expenses. Thanks to its closed cell and cross-linked structure, Floormax helps prevent the transfer of sound and heat that is transmitted by concrete and other construction elements and offers great comfort and economy with very cost-effective solutions. Floormax can easily be applied under the concr... devamı
Heat, Sound and Moisture insulation under parquet with FLOORLAYERUnder parquet material standards are changing. Instead of poor performing conventional mattresses, the world prefers cross linked polyethylene foam products that can be produced in a desired density and thickness which provide maximum performance in heat and sound insulation. While Floorlayer provides excellent heat insulation with its closed cell structure, it also adds comfort to your life by means of preventing the noise caused ... devamı
Termawrap HVAC Insulation Sheet
Termawrap HVAC Insulation SheetTermawrap, which can be applied extremely easily thanks to its flexible and robust structure, it has a aluminum foiled outer surface.It can be produced in required thickness, color and size. Thanks to its one-sided adhesive band, it saves a great deal of application time and minimizes the losses since there is no gap between coated channel and itself.It is not affected by external environmental conditions and not hardens over time and does not shed or tear.It can b... devamı
Termawrap Insulation Pipe
Termawrap insulation pipeCross-linked polyethylene foam-based Termawrap insulation pipe has high resistance to harsh outdoor conditions with its pyramid pattern and UV resistant film-coated outer structure. It is produced in the requested diameter, wall thickness, length and single-double configuration. Termawrap, which can be produced according to different color options and customer special requests, is distinguished from its competitors thanks to its dimensional and physical properties.Termaw... devamı
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