Artilayer is a controlled permeable shock absorbent pad which is used in sport fields, play grounds and recreation areas demanding excellent performance. Artilayer eliminates maintenance costs and is made of 100% recycled material.


Artilayer in Sports Fields

  • Eliminates inconsistent and excess pressure on the player muscles and joints with its ideal shock absorbing and distributing properties.
  • Water drainage properties can be designed and manufactured upon the application requirements.
  • Can be applied easily and requires no maintenance throughout its lifetime
  • Provides a durable and consistent fine surface properties even under extreme weather conditions (heavy rain, snow or draught) and intensive usage.


Artilayer in Playgrounds and Recreation Areas

  • Eliminates the injury risk of the infants while providing a comfortable playground
  • Extremely high durability provides a maintenance free and high occupation rate environment
  • Can be applied easily or disassembled and transported
  • Can be used in different applications as a filler or insulation material