Durcomp : Composite Materials
Durcomp TPP : Thermoplastic Prepreg
Durcomp : Sandwich Panel

DurComp is a product family that meets the structural product needs of the defense, aerospace, railway and automotive industry.

We offer flexible, reliable and advanced technology products to our customers in every field that requires light and high strength products.

Turkey's and Europe's most modern thermoplastic composites and insulation foam Durfoa'm having one of manufacturing facilities, automotive, construction, household appliances s up to the packaging industry produces innovative solutions in all areas. Continuing its existence as a strong world brand in Durfoam's DNA for more than half a century; Durmazlar Holding, which has a high sense of responsibility for its customers and society, has credibility.

Our products are used in all areas where lightening is needed.

High performance and high quality materials developed and produced by Durfoam are used as the “raw material of the solution” with the brands DurComp AIP, DurComp AHC, DurComp ASF and DurComp TPP in every sector seeking light and high strength solutions.

Today, we must be more efficient in all areas of life than ever before. Composites offer the following key advantages over conventional materials to achieve this goal:

WEIGHT Most composites are lightweight compared to conventional materials. Lightness is important, for example, in cars and aircraft, as less weight means better fuel efficiency.

HIGH STRENGTH Composites can be designed to be much stronger than aluminum or steel. Metals are equally strong in all directions. However, composites can only be designed to bear loads in certain directions through engineering design.

HIGH IMPACT STRENGTH Composites offer very ideal properties for absorbing impacts, such as the instantaneous force of the bullet or the intensity of an explosion. Because of these properties, composites are used in bulletproof vests and panels, and it is ensured that airplanes, buildings and military vehicles are protected from explosions.

CORROSION RESISTANCE Composites are extremely resistant to damage caused by weather conditions and strong chemicals that may damage other materials. Composites can easily be used, for example, in structures where chemicals are stored.

LONG LIFE Structures made of composites are long-lasting and often do not need maintenance.

RECYCLING Fiber reinforced composites with thermoplastic matrix facilitate compliance with environmental regulations by offering advantages such as recycling and rapid processing.