Durcomp TPP : Thermoplastic Prepreg
Durcomp TPP : Thermoplastic Prepreg

DurComp TPP, unidirectional, continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic prepregs with different fiber and resin options, provides mechanical strength, chemical resistance, aesthetic appearance etc. of railway vehicle, automotive, white goods, electronics, sports and hobby industries such as the variety to meet the expectations.

We support our business partners with solutions aimed at the end use, as well as the production of semi-finished products in the form of unidirectional tape, woven / laminated sheets.


  • It is lighter than conventional materials. Therefore, it saves energy and reduces CO2 emission.
  • They have high strength. DurComp TPP products offer design diversity thanks to their anisotropic feature.
  • Through designable impact strength it can be used for ballistic protection.
  • High resistance to environmental conditions.
  • Compliant with environmental regulations as it is possible to recycle or reuse composite products with thermoplastic matrix.
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