Insulation material with premium features that meet the needs of electronics and home appliances industry.
DurProxDurSolex branded  cross-linked polyethylene foam products, thanks to superior sound, dust, moisture, and impact insulation features; soft, lightweight and durable structures, they are often used at home appliances and electronic products.
DurProx and DurSolex are produced on the standards that home appliance and electronics industries demand. Thanks to diversity of our product portfolio and production flexibility, we can meet the different demands of our customers in dimensioning, with many different materials (adhesive tapes, cloth, film, PU/PP foams, etc.) ,lamination and forming.
When high standards (dimensional stability, mechanical properties, etc.) are in subject at parts and components DurProx branded physically cross-linked PE foam materials are preferred. DurProx can be produced in many different densities and thanks to its ability to shape with thermo form, while having sound-heat, humidity insulation, it also provides aesthetic and environmental friendly solutions. DurSolex branded products, with their Chemically chemical cross-linked structure, it enables economic solutions in parts and components whose standards are comparable.
As a protective packaging material that is required by the  industry DurPack branded products are presented to our customers, are produced in asked size, color and specifications.


  • The products have a closed pore structure.
  • It provides heat, sound, humidity, dust insulation and shock protection.
  • It is resistant to abrasion that will be formed in time.
  • It recovers itself after impact, does not cave in, does not have dust in time.
  • Thanks to its high elasticity and weight, it is applied easy and fast.
  • It can be shaped by heat
  • It is not affected by chemicals and greasers
  • It can operate in wide heat range and heat sourced size change does not occur
  • It is environmentally-friendly, HCFC-free.
  • It can be produced with flame-proof feature.