Heat, Sound and Moisture insulation under parquet with FLOORLAYER

Under parquet material standards are changing. Instead of poor performing conventional mattresses, the world prefers cross linked polyethylene foam products that can be produced in a desired density and thickness which provide maximum performance in heat and sound insulation. While Floorlayer provides excellent heat insulation with its closed cell structure, it also adds comfort to your life by means of preventing the noise caused by the motion in your house.

Floorlayer Supremacies

  • It is a cross-linked polyethylene foam product
  • It insulates sound and moisture and improves your parquet’s durability
  • It insulates heat and helps reduce energy costs
  • It is flexible, non-crushable and easy to install
  • It doesn’t let bacteria growth and doesn’t rot
  • It doesn’t contain HCFC and any toxic materials
  • It can be produced with flame retardent additives