DurFoam is the biggest and the most modern polyethylene-based insulation product investment of Turkey. Addressing every sector that intends sound, heat, humidity insulation and shock protection DurFoam, continues to operate since the day it launched, not with only increasing production volume, but also with an improving performance that continuously improves its customer portfolio. Thanks to the technological possibilities it owes and the niche products it produces, it eliminates dependence to imports on many sectors in Turkey. With the export it carries out, DurFoam takes important steps to be an important global player at new generation insulation materials arena.

In Bursa Akçalar Industry Zone, in a 24,000 square meters indoor space, with TUV-certified ISO9001 quality system certificate and eco-friendly production technology, doing production without polluting the world DurFoam, offers innovative solutions that raise the living standards of the final users in all the industries it serves.